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The menu

Entrecotte a la piedra con salsa de pimientaConsists of the perfect combination of intensely Levantine with a subtle touch by flag of our own food land Mediterranean flavors. Santi Restaurant , we understand the tradition and good taste must walk together.

That motive drives us to develop as defendants and with as much personality as the ” rice Santi ” with tuna, artichoke and chickpea dishes. Taste it is with pleasure that we recommend .

As an appetizer , we propose salted, some seafood (boiled Shrimp , shrimp, red shrimp , crayfish ) or in winter a good soup to recharge ; seafood , onion, bouillon or broth with classic ball. Always accompanied by a full salad : In the house, buds , or thin with endive , salmon, caviar and sea urchin . And to complete the appetizer, before entering the main dishes , nothing beats a grilled squid and anchovies to a lemon, but we have many options as tastes like grilled cheese , chicken nuggets , steamed mussels , Galician octopus , squid with habitats , garlic prawns and scrambled all kinds , such as sea urchin , shrimp and spring garlic .

IMG_5059 Either choice is correct. In all cases, you will find the good work and dedication it deserves working with fresh and top quality products. And for main course , a good rice varieties have the following : a band, black – cuttlefish and artichokes – with seafood – with shrimp, crawfish, mussels, clams and squid – o- dry – sweet lobster , rice Santi with cheeks , rabbit and snails with seafood fideua mullets or .

If, however , enjoy a good steak , we have a wide selection from ; entrecote , sirloin, a tasty chops or leg of kid.Salpicón de mariscoIf your body says you good fish , we have the best and freshest copies Bay Alicante: golden grilled or roaster , Ladriñán – hake with clams and mussels , or grilled, mullet, turbot, sole or grilled pine nuts , cod to Bilbao .

And finally as it deserves , a refreshing lemon sorbet with cava , Jijona nougat ice cream , fried milk , profiteroles , tiramisu, egg custard , white lady ( Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate) , cakes and chocolate nougat or simply natural fruit.

You now have motives and reasons to visit .